• Mini Stone Pack
  • Mini Stone Pack
  • Mini Stone Pack
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Mini Stone Pack


Mini stone collections curated for inspirational properties. Collect them all for yourself or give them as gifts and bring the unique beauty and energy of gemstones into your life.

Clarity - Selenite and Fluorite provide both balancing and clearing energy to support the psyche. Selenite removes any negative or cloudy energy in order to let fluorite increase the mind’s capacity for concentration and clarity.

Calm - Clear quartz and amethyst provide tranquil, calm energy. Clear quartz is a master healer and transmitter of positive energy, so when it is paired with the relaxing and clarifying energy of amethyst, it provides an extra dose of serenity.

Love - Clear quartz and rose quartz open both the heart and mind. When rose quartz is paired alongside clear quartz, this increases self-awareness and personal growth, restoring love and trust in oneself.